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Fuel Filters

  • Fuel Filter, 6mm/8mm

    Paper Filter TypeSize: Communal to Φ6-Φ8 (Large Type)[Specifications]Insertion Part Inner Diameter: Φ4.0/Φ6.0Insertion Part Outer Diameter: Φ6.0/Φ8.0Maximum Outer Diameter: Φ37.0Overall Length: 108.0mmCorresponding Hose Inner...

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  • Fuel Filter, 8mm

    Fuel Filter, 8mm

    Inner Diameter of Inlet: Φ5.0Outer Diameter of Inlet: Φ8.0Maximum Outer Diameter: Φ30.5Length: 57.3mmAdjusted for Hose Diameter: Φ7.5-8.0 Use to avoid dust to enter the tank. By placing this filter between fuel tank and fuel hose,...

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  • Fuel Filter, 6.5mm

    Fuel Filter, 6.5mm

    Insertion Part Inner Diameter: Φ4.0Insertion Outer Diameter: Φ6.5Maximum Outer Diameter: Φ30.5Overall Length: 57.3mmCorresponding Hose Inner Diameter: Φ6.0-6.5 Shutting out Garbage in Tank.By installing Filter in the middle of Fuel...

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  • Fuel Filter, Sealed, Metal, 6.5mm

    Metal Block Filter TypeSize: o6.5(Straight Type)[Specifications]Insertion Part Inner Diameter: o3.9Insertion Part Outer Diameter: o6.5Maximum Diameter: o30.7Length: 74.6mmCorresponding Hose Inner Diameter: o6.0-8.5 Shutting out foreign matters of...

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  • Fuel Filter, Sealed, 5.5mm

    Stainless Mesh Filter TypeSize: o5.5( ※for Motorcycle of Less than 125cc)[Specifications]Insertion Part Inner Diameter: o3.1Insertion Part Outer Diameter: o5.5Maximum Diameter: o29.0Length: 41.0mmCorresponding Hose Inner Diameter: o5.0-5.5 Shutting...

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