La Moto Powersports Superstore is a proud Australasian distributor partner of Daytona, Japan.

Daytona is well known for manufacturing and supplying thousands of high quality motorcycle performance parts and accessories, with a wide range of motorcycle models supported.

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More about Daytona

Daytona Corporation has been a leader in motorcycle parts industry since 1972. Daytona provides original and customized Motorcycle parts and accessories to the International marketplace. Daytona is a Research & Development company and an exporter for original motorcycle parts. Daytona's specialty is R&D functions to develop original motorcycle parts and accessories which meet the demand in each country upon request. Daytona is number one in the following field.

  1. Most comprehensive range of quality performance and custom motorcycle parts in several markets like Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia etc.
  2. Most comprehensive range of Quality Harley Davidson parts