What's the Legal Position on Wearing Helmets on the Farm?

What's the Legal Position on Wearing Helmets on the Farm?

30th Jul 2019

Did you know it is a requirement under the Health & Safety Work Act 2015 to wear a helmet when driving a quad bike or motor bike on farm (chin strap done up). If recommended by the manufacturer a helmet should be worn when driving a side by side on farm.

As is reasonably practicable, the Health & Safety Work Act 2015 requires self employed people to take steps to ensure the safety of them self. Every worker as is reasonably practicable shall take steps to ensure his or her own safety whilst at work. This includes using suitable protective clothing or equipment, suitable protective clothing & equipment provided by him or herself, using fit for purpose vehicles/machinery/equipment.

It is compulsory to wear a helmet on a public road when driving/riding a quad/motor bike or side by side.

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