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  • Scissor Holder

    Special tool to prevent idling when detaching flywheel, front sprocket, etc. With lock nut for preventing looseness.Pin pitch 45 - 145 mm.There are two pin diameters φ 5.5 and φ 11.   Fits:HONDA PCX JF81(2018)YAMAHA CYGNUS X-SR SP (BF93)...

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  • Pulley Holder

    Pin Pitch: 25-150mmDetent Pitch: Max135mm Honda-based Scooter's Pulley (Drive face of gear type) , Holder of Scissor Type which can detach Clutch outer.

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  • Daytona Wire Cutter Wire Cutter

    Wire Cutter

    For cutting cable wires that can not be cut by nippers. Cable cut surface can be cut cleanly. It is possible to cut it up to 2mm with a baked stain wire and 4mm if it is not baked.

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  • Daytona Crimped Electrical Pliers

    Electrical Pliers/Crimpers

    A great set of pliers, can be used for wire cutting, bolt cutting (up to M5), crimping of terminals, wire stripping etc. Crimpable terminal sizes: 110, 250, 103, 104, etc. 5 types of bolt sizes: M2.6, M3.0, M3.5, M4.0, M5.0 High quality

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  • Daytona C Ring Pliers 1 set of 4 pcs

    C Ring Plier Set, 4 pc

    Outside, inside shared C ring pliers. Two straight claws and two bending claws (90 °, 45 °) are attached, and it can be used in six ways by changing claws. Usable shaft diameter is 10mm to 50mm for both internal and external.

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